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Fallingwater owned by the Edgar J. Kauffman Family in Mill Run, Pennsylvania and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, New York could not be more different.  However, both of these architectural masterworks created by Frank Lloyd Wright are examples of form and function working in-tandem to achieve brilliant results.  

As a house that rises from a rocky landscape, Fallingwater floats above the falls, drawing attention to the water while its building materials, inspired by nature, blend into the lush landscape. In contrast, the dynamic curves of the Guggenheim Museum at first appear to be “at odds” with the strict grid of Manhattan, but it is, without a doubt, one of the most eye-catching and spatially appealing works of urban architecture in New York City.

Falling Water
Guggenheim Photo

Visit, and you will find terrazzo was installed in every exhibition room in the Guggenheim Museum to impart form and function with beauty and durability. Given that fact, we can say with confidence that Frank Lloyd Wright was indeed a fan of terrazzo. The Fallingwater website,, also notes that he wanted to incorporate “terrazzo-like aesthetics” of gold leaf on outdoor terraces at Fallingwater. That option, however, was eventually set aside in favor of a subtle painted surface that would not compete with the natural surroundings.  Regardless, Mr. Wright certainly had good taste!

On a side note, our sister company Orsoni is proud to have worked with The Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy!   Photo of PGM.

At TREND Group, we have embraced Frank Lloyd Wright’s notion that “form and function should be one” by creating terrazzo & engineered stone products that appeal to the architect focusing on aesthetics and the engineer interested in durability and safety.

First, we start with form, infusing our TREND Origina® (add link) & TREND Transcenda® (add link) lines with primary components of recycled glass, quartz, quartzite, granite and porcelain; then often adding fragments of mirror or mother-of-pearl to enhance the surface and give it a special reflective effect. Manufactured in a wide array of dazzling colors and styles, glass-based colors can also be backlit and used for various purposes such as countertop and wall applications, reception desks, and tub surrounds.  

Our aesthetically pleasing terrazzo and engineered stone products have been installed around the world - at the Red Hotel in Miami Beach; Nintendo World in New York City; Porsche Headquarters in Ontario; the American Airlines Lounge at Heathrow in London; the New Zealand Lounge at Sydney Airport and the MSC Crociere, Fantasia and Splendida cruise ships – and that is just to name a few.

With form established, we also focus on function at TREND Group by offering state-of-the-art ¼-inch slabs that are easy to install, easy to maintain, resistant to stains and available for multi-purpose use and a wide range of applications. Sizes range from 12”x12” to 118”x48” with custom cut-to-size orders also available upon request. Click on “resources” (add link) on our homepage,, to find required adhesives, installation documentation and other pertinent data, as well as information on our environmentally-friendly standing (add link to saving one mountain at a time blog) within the building community.

Equally appealing to both architect and engineer, TREND Group’s sustainable terrazzo and engineered stone products are made with up to 78% post-consumer recycled materials, contain zero VOC’s and contribute measurably to LEED ratings based on credits for Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Design. 

U.S. Green Building Council
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Contact TREND Group at (866) 508-7363  for more information or complete the contact form on our website (add link to form). You may also send us an email at to discuss how we can partner with you on your next project. Together, we can bring form and function together to create a masterwork for your most discerning clients.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Give me the luxuries of life - and I will willingly do without the necessities.

                                                        Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect & Interior Designer,