Changing the Rules for Terrazzo

Bringing back the timeless look of terrazzo without the timeframe of a typical installation. No inconvenience.
No complications.

Our terrazzo tile can be used on top of an existing floor or other surfaces, saving you time and money. Terrazzo TREND Origina® is produced in slabs of 120" x 51" which enables covering large areas with relatively few joints. The lightness of the material, combined with its outstanding technical properties, allows for a variety of uses, especially in high traffic commercial areas. It is an ideal solution in those environments where a lightweight, durable surface is needed such as apartments, ships, and partition walls.

It is easy to cut on site, using the correct diamond cutting disc and is sufficiently flexible to attain a radius of more than 27.5", making it suitable for cladding curved surfaces. The Terrazzo TREND Origina® slim dimensions enable it to be used on top of existing surface materials.

Trend Terrazzo sets the mood at Thompson & Knight
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Very Large Format Tile Means Less Grout Lines

Custom Water Jet Cuts For Sweeping Curves

Suitable For High-Traffic Flooring Needs

Extremely Durable, Stain and Scratch Resistant

Lightweight, 1/4" Thickness
Saves Shipping Costs

Low Everyday Maintenance and Maintenance Cost

Custom Colors Available (Min. Quantity 4,000 Sq.Ft.)

Non-Porous, Does Not Require Sealing, Fast Installation Time

Up To 72% Post-Consumer Recycled Material