Saving the World One Mountain at a Time

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo

That’s how TREND Group Global CEO Andrea Di Giuseppe describes the importance of using post-consumer recycled materials in the creation of our flooring, countertops, backsplashes and other building décor.

Italian by birth, Di Giuseppe is historically linked to the sixteenth-century artisans in his country who mixed “cast off” marble with clay to create the first example of recycled flooring material known as terrazzo. American by choice, Di Giuseppe envisioned the beauty of TREND terrazzo tile products made with a wide variety of recycled stone, glass, and other materials. His ultimate goal and that of the company overall was to create something of beauty with the flair of Mother Nature - without harming the planet.

Giuseppe says, “From day one, we decided to be eco-friendly….and we lead this revolution because this is more about ethics; how you see your life, but especially the life of your child.”

Andrea Di Giuseppe and Family

Charged with this lofty mission to achieve remarkable aesthetic results while always keeping sustainability in mind, the designers, engineers, and artisans at TREND USA have worked tirelessly to create TREND terrazzo tile products that are eco-friendly!

At our manufacturing facility in Sebring, Florida, almost 90 percent of the stone and glass used in the creation of our products is verified post-consumer recycled materials. For the record, that means the recycled materials we use have been previously used by a consumer, disposed of, and diverted from landfills. If not recycled by manufacturers such as TREND USA, there is a risk post-consumer waste might eventually wind up clogging a landfill.

1653 Ice Gold
5008 - Imperial Blue
5000 - Calacatta
451 White Copper

More expensive and more difficult to work with, we are willing to do our part to divert waste from over-burdened landfills. We also believe putting post-consumer recyclable materials in our products is a much better alternative to using raw matter removed from the Earth. Guess you could say, we really are trying to save the world one mountain at a time.

Unlike wood, laminate, and vinyl, Trend USA Terrazzo products (made from strong, durable post-consumer recycled materials) offer unparalleled durability for sustainable floors, walls, and countertops that can last a lifetime and beyond. That means even less waste headed to our landfills.

You’ll find TREND USA green product lines contribute measurably to LEED ratings based on credits for innovation and design, material and resources as well as indoor environmental quality: The latter is important to note because we do not use volatile organic compounds, deemed harmful to the environment, people or animals, in any of our terrazzo tile products.

With TREND USA, you can breathe easy!  Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified, our products are made with eco-friendly resins and polymers and contain no volatile organic compounds which emit harmful gases into the air. We are zero VOC! Click on the link to learn more:, or feel free to send us an email at to answer any questions you may have about our sustainable terrazzo tile products.

U.S. Green Building Council
Declare. The Nutrition Label for Products

Green since the beginning, we declared a commitment to implementing real-world processes that protect and preserve the planet’s resources. Green to this very day, we are extremely proud of the strides we’ve made at TREND USA in the United States, as well as TREND Group worldwide.

“We are very radical (in this regard) because we believe every company, every person, should do their part.”      Andrea Di Giuseppe


Long valued for its life cycle characteristics: low maintenance, durability, and indoor air quality learn more about our line of beautiful, sustainable terrazzo products by giving us a call at (866) 508-7363 or sending us an email at At Trend Group, we believe the only limit to creating superb designs is the imagination. We encourage you to view some of our amazing projects by visiting our Gallery.