Vertical ROI – The Sky’s the Limit with Terrazzo

Vertical Roi

Imagination paired with innovation has led to buildings scraping the sky.  As the demand for vertical dwellings continues to grow in our urban centers, imagination paired with innovation is allowing investors to maximize their ROI through the use materials that withstand the test of time, such as terrazzo.

When you compare the cost of terrazzo over hardwood, laminate, carpet, ceramic tile and other flooring types, it will outperform everything in terms of durability, longevity and continued beauty. While seeing a return-on-investment on price alone depends on the square footage purchased and cost of installation, it is not uncommon to see terrazzo pay for itself the first time any other type of flooring would need to be replaced.

Even if an investor doesn’t plan on owning long-term, the incredible lifespan of terrazzo flooring can serve as a selling-point to perspective buyers. Add some creative design (that won’t cost much more in labor or material to execute on the front end) and you can create a property that consistently outshines the competition. No other flooring material can add value in that way. 

Commonly used in lobbies and other high-traffic areas specifically because of the design possibilities and resistance to wear & tear, terrazzo has surged in popularity for use in apartments and condo units for a variety of reasons.  Available in many neutral colors, it can lend itself to a myriad of décor styles and allow prospective residents to easily envision their belongings inside. Terrazzo also has an upscale feel that can help justify a higher rent or purchase price. That makes it the clear winner for luxury buildings.

Luxury Building1
Luxury Building2

Equally “at home” in newly-constructed lofts or renovated warehouse units, designers wishing to offer clients an alternative to the overused concept of cement floors, choose terrazzo to impart that “hipper” vibe with a sense of style that is perpetually in demand. The fact that terrazzo is comprised of recyclable materials containing no volatile organic compounds only adds to the appeal, especially among millennials who are becoming the predominant demographic in the real estate market.

At TREND Group USA, our TREND Origina® and Trascenda® lines are made with up to  72% post-consumer recycled materials and impart the look of high-end flooring that would otherwise cost a fortune using materials such as marble.

High End Flooring1
High End Flooring2
High End Flooring3

We offer terrazzo options that can be installed over sub-floors or used on top of an existing floor or other surfaces to save time and money. It is easy to cut on site, and is sufficiently flexible for cladding curved surfaces.   Non-porous, TREND terrazzo does not require sealing for fast installation, and contributes measurably to LEED ratings based on credits for Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation and Design. Easy to clean, its low maintenance needs are truly appreciated when considering long-term costs for upkeep.

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Whether you are planning new construction, renovating an existing building or remodeling a private residence, we urge you to weigh the benefits of terrazzo during the design process. We think you’ll find it is the most rewarding option, not only for the investor but for anyone who chooses to reside within the walls.  Contact us at (866) 508-7363 or click on for more information on terrazzo.  At TREND Group USA, we look forward to assisting you on your new building or renovation project.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

                                                            Frank Gehry