Terrazzo! The Best Choice for Architects, Contractors and Designers

Elegance and endurance. With just two words, terrazzo eclipses the competition vying for the eye of an architect, contractor or designer. It is a surface material unlike anything else, easily outpacing hard wood, tile, laminate and carpeting with its limitless design possibilities, easy maintenance and long-lasting durability. Made from post-consumer recycled and zero VOC materials, sustainability is also a huge factor – especially in today’s eco-conscious world.

At TREND Group USA, we know the “pros and cons” of using one type of flooring material as opposed to another is often debated. While terrazzo can cost more to install because it requires the talents of skilled artisans, its attributes make terrazzo more appealing and more cost effective in the long run.

Terrazzo Column, Fulton Lane Melbourne
Trend Terrazzo Origina Flooring, Wheatley Elementary Educational Campus, Washington, DC USA
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In terms of beauty, terrazzo is unmatched. Available in a myriad of subtle-to- bold colors, patterns and styles, terrazzo adds depth and character while serving as a palette for creative inlays. It has been fashioned into sports emblems & logos in corporate entryways, used for vibrant walkways in airports and cruise terminals and designed with unexpected patterns found underfoot at restaurants, hotels and private homes. No other flooring can adapt to such intricate design work or allow for an easy transition from room to room quite like terrazzo.

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In terms of maintenance: a properly installed terrazzo floor should only require dust mopping on a daily basis and/or damp mopping once a week. This makes terrazzo highly desirable to clients who will be taking care of a property long after the project is finished.  In public buildings and institutional settings, a buffing machine can also be used to keep floors clean and sparkling.  Over time, luster can be restored through resealing, but that is often not required for years.

In terms of durability, terrazzo is waterproof, fireproof, and scratch and impact resistant. In fact, most of the earliest terrazzo installations are still in existence today.  The floors at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are just two examples. The terrazzo floors installed at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome date back to the 16th Century.  Michelangelo, by the way, was the chief architect on the project at that time. You can use that fact to impress your friends at your next dinner party.

So there you have it - beauty, maintenance and durability. With terrazzo meeting the high-standards of discerning professionals in these key areas, only one thing remains - sustainability, and that truly puts terrazzo over the top.

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Made from up to 72% post-consumer recycled waste, TREND Terrazzo is comprised of zero VOC materials and its non-porous surface helps prevent microbial growth and maintain a mold-free environment. As a result TREND Terrazzo can contribute measurably to the achievement of a project’s LEED Certification Goals.  Click on https://trendterrazzo.com/resources/ for more information on LEED Specifications and to download product sheets and our technical catalog.

At TREND Group USA, we believe hardwood, laminate, tile and carpet certainly have a place in many residential and commercial projects, but we find the tendency for these materials to require repair or replacement at regular intervals makes terrazzo the clear winner.  Make a design statement that will withstand the test of time with our TREND Origina® and Trascenda® lines.

Questions?  Give us a call at (866) 508-7363, or click on the link at  https://trendterrazzo.com/contact/ to request more information. At TREND Group USA, we look forward to working with you on your next project.

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