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 “Architecture is really about well-being.  I think that people want to feel good in a space.  On the one hand, it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.”

                                                            Zaha Hadid, Architect

….and that’s where terrazzo comes into play!   Its sheer beauty brings pleasure to the architect or designer who chooses it, as well as the client who ultimately is surrounded by it - whether in a private home or as part of a public installation.

Created by innovative craftsmen who mixed otherwise unusable marble chips with clay to create beautiful terraces, terrazzo was praised as the perfect combination of function and form in the fifteenth century. This all occurred in Italy - dubbed  “The European Cradle of Modern Thought and Creativity” - so we know this early form of terrazzo must have been something to behold.

Evolving over the next few centuries, materials such as stone, glass and cement were added to create the dramatic patterns and colors that transformed terrazzo into a treasured art form. Then the advent of eco-friendly epoxy resins (no VOC) paired with quartz, glass and even semi-precious gems pushed terrazzo into an even higher realm.

451 White Copper
1656 Campo Scuro
1659 Campo Chiaro

Trend Origina® is our flagship line offering an artful blend of post-consumer recycled glass, granite, quartz, quartzite and pre-consumer porcelain. Used to produce a profusion of speckled patterns in subtle-to-bold colors, the options for creating distinctive flooring for your next project are beyond exciting.  For some colors, fragments of mirror and/or mother-of-pearl have been incorporated to enhance the surface and give it a special reflective effect. Plus, some glass-based colors can be backlit and used for countertops, wall coverings, reception desks, tub surrounds, or wherever your creative design takes you.

Light & Shadow

If “extraordinarily unique” is what you seek, we’ve extended our seemingly endless array of offerings with our TREND Trascenda® line. Here, you’ll find surprising patterns, textures and styles that will surely pique your imagination; while our Metamorphosis Collection within the Trascenda® line is intended to take your creativity to a whole new frontier!  Perhaps a design that evokes images of rushing water, flowing lava or an icy glacier?  You decide.

Boldflow 410x1024
Eruption 410x1024

Embraced by architects for flexibility in design and installation, artists commissioned to develop artwork in public buildings often choose terrazzo for the same reasons. The lightness of the material, combined with its outstanding technical properties, allows it to be cut and crafted into images ranging from animals, flowers, logos and mascots to intricate maps and eclectic motifs.  Last but not least, terrazzo’s free-flowing lines and seamless transitions work well in spaces large and small.

Want to learn more?  Call us at (866) 508-7363  or click on the link https://trendterrazzo.com/contact/ to complete the contact form. And just so you know, custom colors are available with a minimum order of 4,000 square feet. At TREND Group USA we look forward to helping you deliver inspired results!

U.S. Green Building Council
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Made from up to 72% post-consumer recycled waste, TREND Terrazzo is comprised of zero VOC materials and its non-porous surface helps prevent microbial growth and maintain a mold-free environment. As a result TREND Terrazzo can contribute measurably to the achievement of a project’s LEED Certification Goals.  Click on https://trendterrazzo.com/resources/ for more information on LEED Specifications and to download product sheets and our technical catalog.

At TREND Group USA, we believe hardwood, laminate, tile and carpet certainly have a place in many residential and commercial projects, but we find the tendency for these materials to require repair or replacement at regular intervals makes terrazzo the clear winner.  Make a design statement that will withstand the test of time with our TREND Origina® and Trascenda® lines.

Questions?  Give us a call at (866) 508-7363, or click on the link at  https://trendterrazzo.com/contact/ to request more information. At TREND Group USA, we look forward to working with you on your next project.