In today’s world, cubicles and corner offices are being cast aside for open concept plans that promote productivity through interaction in pleasant surroundings. Designing these new types of workspaces requires a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality while satisfying the client’s needs and budget. Go safe and risk an uninspired space. Go trendy and risk an outdated look in just a few years.

So what is an architect, engineer or designer to do? The answer is simple - lay the groundwork for an inviting workspace with TREND Terrazzo. By combining the elegance of traditional terrazzo flooring with the technology of an engineered surface, it offers the winning trifecta of unparalleled beauty, durability and sustainability.

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Richly colored TREND terrazzo warms up large areas, while glass, mirror and mother-of-pearl varieties lend an air of sophistication. Striking patterns and saturated tints can be combined to devise unique flooring, as well as reflect a company’s image through inlaid artwork, logos or branding. Its smooth, durable surface also serves as a seamless foundation for modular units now in vogue to provide privacy within open concept offices. Extremely versatile, TREND terrazzo can also be installed on walls and other workspace surfaces such as reception desks and conference tables. Bottomline, it is the perfect surface for your workspace design, outshining porcelain and ceramic tile, not only in terms of style but resilience as well.


An artful blend of recycled glass, granite, quartz and pre-consumer porcelain, TREND Terrazzo is available in large format and is both scratch and stain resistant. Unlike traditionally poured terrazzo, these slabs do not have to cure on-site, allowing for fast installation. Ideal for high-traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways and large work areas, TREND Terrazzo is easy to maintain and retains its lustrous beauty for decades.

Featuring product lines that have set an industry benchmark for the use of post-consumer recycled content reaching levels as high as 72%,  TREND Group, overall, has become a trusted source for architects, engineers and designers committed to sustainable design. As a result, we have been honored to partner with professional architects, builders & designers on a number of  innovative projects not only in the United States, but worldwide. 

Greenguard Compliance

Our TREND Origina® and Trascenda® lines are certified by the NSF Public Health and Safety Organization, and recognized by the Greenguard Environmental Institute; an industry-independent organization that aims to protect human health and improve quality of life by enhancing indoor air quality and reducing people’s exposure to 

chemicals and other pollutants. The TREND Group is also listed on Declare, the transparency platform and product database overseen by the International Living Future Institute.  

We have been environmentally-conscious since day one with TREND Terrazzo able to fulfill your style & sustainability needs when creating a thoughtful workplace. Paired with traditional, contemporary, industrial or rustic materials and natural accents, the space you create with TREND Terrazzo is only limited by your imagination.

Give us a call at TREND Group USA for inspired ideas at (866) 508-7363, or click on to request more information on TREND Terrazzo.  We would be honored to work with you on your next project.


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